Face cream + hyaluronic acid Magic multipeptide cosmetics 50ml

107.20 $

Magic multipeptide cosmetics organic cream vegetable multipeptide + hyaluronic acid face cream is made using a complex of vegetable multipeptides, which helps restore beauty and health to the skin. The tool is suitable for daily care of all skin types.

The formula is saturated with nourishing vegetable oils of argan and shea. Thanks to its lamellar structure, the cream has an adaptive mechanism for adjusting to the needs of different skin types, as well as the ability to dose-release active substances, which ensures a prolonged effect.


Does not leave a sticky and greasy feeling. Thanks to the complex of vegetable multipeptides, Magic multipeptide cosmetics face cream has the following properties:

  • restores, regenerates and increases skin tone
  • increases skin elasticity
  • contributes to the disappearance of deep wrinkles
  • promotes the removal of toxins and the necessary hydration of the skin
  • forms a protective barrier
  • relieves irritation
  • soothes the skin
  • reduces itching and inflammation
  • has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and protective effect
  • promotes the synthesis of biologically active substances
  • stimulates the restoration and regeneration of connective tissue and vascular wall, helps increase tone, increase skin elasticity and disappear deep wrinkles
  • significantly improves the condition and appearance of the skin
  • activates the restoration of connective tissue and strengthening of the capillary intima
  • eliminates puffiness and dark spots under the eyes
  • enhances the production of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for the tightening and smoothness of the skin
  • provides a sufficient level of filaggrin and the necessary hydration of the skin
  • regulates skin reconstruction
  • reduces wrinkles and reduces scars on the skin
  • improves skin tone by restoring collagen
  • actively affects the formation of new cells
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